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At MIBGROUP we strive to carry out our work with professionalism and passion.

We share with you the latest activities that we have carried out during the current year 2020.

The crew of the H-145 helicopter belonging to the "My Anna" Yacht, was in England and due to COVID-19 could not return to Chile to transfer the helicopter from the Airbus Chile facilities in Santiago to Puerto Montt, where it was located. the yacht, so Mibgroup Aviation carried out the procedures to transfer the helicopter with registration from Cayman Islands with Chilean Pilots.

My Anna yacht.png

During the 2019-2020 season we had the Pursuit Yacht for four months sailing in Chile having on board an American-registered H-130 B4 helicopter and a Chilean H-125, both aircraft flying from Puerto Montt to Cabo de Hornos.

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